Will Rep. Paul Ryan Denounce "Gimmick" In Jon Huntsman's Praise Of Ryan Budget?

November 04, 2011 12:15 pm ET — Alan Pyke

This morning on Fox News, dark horse presidential candidate Jon Huntsman slammed Mitt Romney as a pandering flip-flopper, while promising to "exert a little bit of leadership behind" Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) plan because it "spells out six-plus trillion in cuts." Watch:

Huntsman's $6 trillion scoring of the Ryan plan includes over $1 trillion in savings from ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. When Democrats include these savings in their deficit-reduction proposals, Ryan is apoplectic — he's called them "phantom savings" and an accounting "gimmick," and likened them in one animated floor speech to passing "a bill to cover the moon with yogurt that will cost $5 trillion today," then passing "a bill the next day to cancel that bill. We could save $5 trillion!"

As a very serious, "courageous," and "gutsy" political figure, Ryan will surely condemn Huntsman's use of "phantom savings." Or maybe he won't, since Ryan himself cited the $6 trillion figure in the infamous 'moon yogurt' speech.