Rep. Lankford: Obama Is Inciting Pitchfork-Wielding Mobs To Go Rob Rich People

October 28, 2011 10:46 am ET — Alan Pyke

When President Obama proposed the "Buffett Rule" as a central principle for tax reform, Republicans were quick to attack that as "class warfare," without acknowledging that a quarter of the nation's millionaires pay lower tax rates than the typical working American.

The "class warfare" charge is a lazy way of ducking popular support for Obama's tax ideas, but sometimes it gets made in pretty energetic fashion. Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) really threw himself into the talking point yesterday on ABC's Top Line, painting a vivid picture of President Obama inciting a riot:

LANKFORD: You go back three or four years ago, it was hope, it was change, it was a very optimistic tone. Now it's a very pessimistic tone of, 'You're trapped. Those wealthy people down the street that have the corporate jet and run the oil company, they're suppressing you, they're keeping you from going up to the next group or the next class, whatever you wanna call it, the next income level. And so if we would just take care of that rich guy down the street, let's go down there with our pitchforks, get his stuff, and everything'll be right in America.' I just think it sets completely the wrong tone. This is a country where people have moved around.


Meanwhile, outside of Lankford's imagination, President Obama's call for slightly higher marginal tax rates on those who've benefited most from three decades of trickle-down economics is polling at 56 percent among Republicans and 68 percent among millionaires.