While Targeting Life-Saving Regulations, Rep. Cantor Demands Policies That "Actually Help People"

October 04, 2011 2:02 pm ET — Matt Finkelstein

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), who admits that House Republicans are essentially a "blocking minority" in Washington, declared yesterday that President Obama's jobs legislation will not even receive a vote in the House. Nonetheless, Cantor is still pretending to be interested in compromise while portraying Obama as the main obstacle to economic progress. In a statement today, Cantor said, "If the President would join us in trying to do some things that actually help people, and help create an environment for growth, I think we can all see a way to work together to produce a better future." 

So what exactly does Cantor believe will "actually help people"? In an August memo outlining the GOP's "jobs agenda," Cantor specified 10 regulations — seven of them related to environmental standards — that Republicans intend to block or repeal. According to the American Public Health Association and the Environmental Protection Agency, one of the GOP's targeted regulations, known as the "Transport Rule," could save tens of thousands of lives each year:

Transport Rule health effects

While Cantor and his party pursue an ideological agenda focused on weakening the federal government, no matter the consequences for real people, they continue to ignore the primary reason employers are not hiring — the lack of demand for their products and services. Several elements of the American Jobs Act, such as unemployment benefits and middle-class tax relief, would help create more customers for businesses who are waiting to hire until they see a boost in demand. Unfortunately, those are the same policies Cantor is refusing to bring up for a vote.