GOP's Coordinated Prebuttal To President's Jobs Speech: Obama "Made It Worse"

September 08, 2011 4:30 pm ET — Alan Pyke

When 2012 hopeful Mitt Romney got caught making the absurd assertion that President Obama inherited a recession and "made it worse," he backed off (and lied about having said it before doubling down a week later). But Romney is a prolific flip-flopper. Republicans in Congress are a more disciplined, repetitive breed. With President Obama's big jobs speech before a joint session of Congress tonight, conservatives are pushing the "made it worse" line en masse.

Here's a montage taken from yesterday and today alone:

No matter how many times they say it, or how many dishonest reports Rep. Darrell Issa's (R-CA) Oversight Committee puts out, Republicans can't change the fact that President Obama came to the White House at a time when the economy was hemorrhaging jobs at a rate of nearly a million per month. Far from 'making it worse,' the economy has added jobs since President Obama's policies began taking effect despite about 600,000 layoffs in the public sector. Taken alone, private industry has added about 1.25 million jobs in that period — roughly equivalent to the population of Dallas, TX.

There are still too many Americans out of work. But saying that President Obama made it worse is ridiculous, not only for the Dallas-sized group of newly-employed Americans, but for anyone who understands the first six months of 2009 had more to do with the last guy at the helm than the brand new Commander in Chief.