Rep. Gohmert Praises Shock Jock Michael Savage As "Voice Of Reason"

August 26, 2011 12:15 pm ET — Matt Finkelstein

Last night, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) called into shock jock Michael Savage's radio show to criticize the Obama administration's recent change in deportation policy, which some conservatives are misrepresenting as "backdoor amnesty." Gohmert has previously suggested that the policy may foreshadow an "all-out effort" to let illegal immigrants vote in 2012.

Asked if President Obama could be impeached over the policy, Gohmert, a former federal judge, said, "I don't know." But perhaps the most illuminating part of the interview came at the end, when Gohmert lavished praise on Savage for being a "voice of reason" and speaking "truth to power."

SAVAGE: Can the listeners of this show do anything to help make President Obama a one-term president?

GOHMERT: Keep doing what you're doing, and that is every day you expose the truth, you let people know what's really happening, and if it were not for the voice of reason that we hear each day coming from you, from this radio show, people would be more inclined to say, well nobody's noticing, nobody's calling us on these things. [...]

So we've just got to have your voice continuing to point out what is right and that we cannot continue the craziness of the massive overspending, the vast overreach of government bureaucracies, the overregulation, and we've just got to stop the madness. And part of that is the political correctness that you personally have witnessed firsthand from England. But you know, during the Revolution, one of the things, they quoted Voltaire, but it might have been somebody else that said it, and that is, "I disagree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Well, we have come so far from that to now we're wanting to say, I disagree with what you say, I'm gonna see that you lose your job, I'm gonna see that you go to jail, I'm gonna see that you lose everything you've ever had. I mean, that was not the way America was founded. And so if we lose people that will stand up and speak truth to power, as you do everyday, then we're done.


Savage is mainly known for his prolific record of hate speech, which earned him the dubious distinction of being banned from Britain. Media Matters for America has documented dozens of examples of Savage offering the opposite of a "voice of reason." Some of the lowlights include:

Savage: "Self Esteem" A "Product Of Idiocy Put Out By The Government," Parents Should Call Overweight Kids "Fatty"

Savage wrongly blames throat cancer on being gay

Savage: "Plague of humanity" liberals "love being the plantation master to the illegal aliens"

Savage declares that he has compared Obama "more aptly to Mussolini than to Hitler"

Savage tars Gulf victims as "deadbeats on welfare" who "haven't worked most of their lives"

Savage on autism: "A fraud, a racket. ... In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out"

On MLK Day, Savage called civil rights a "racket" designed to steal "white males' birthright"

Savage: CNN's Blitzer and King "would have pushed Jewish children into the oven"; "curry favor with the turbanned hoodlums"

Savage claims that "as a result of women on Naval ships," they have become "floating brothels"

Savage: "[W]hen you're dealing with Arabs, there are no friends"

Considering Gohmert's own ignominious record, he and Savage are natural allies. For instance, in addition to his many conspiracy theories, Gohmert has equated openly gay soldiers to putting the "disabled on the front lines" and suggested that Obama is actually loyal to "Islamic states."