Rep. Gohmert Sees "All-Out Effort" To Let Illegal Immigrants Vote In 2012

August 24, 2011 10:48 am ET — Matt Finkelstein

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) lashed out last night at the Obama administration's decision to deprioritize the deportation of low-level immigration offenders, such as undocumented youth who would benefit from the DREAM Act and others who pose no threat to public safety. In an interview with Fox Business host Eric Bolling, Gohmert alleged that President Obama is "refusing to enforce the Constitution and laws he took an oath to follow" — implying that the decision could be an impeachable offense — before suggesting that Democrats are plotting an "all-out effort" to let illegal immigrants vote in 2012. 

GOHMERT: What I'm afraid we may see, Eric, is before the next election, an all-out effort to get people eligible to vote in the next election and the result would be they would most likely vote for the people who allowed them to ignore the law.

BOLLING: So you think that not only will that they be allowed some sort of amnesty to stay, but maybe even get somehow get a voting right as well?

GOHMERT: Well, in some places it's easier to vote even without an idenfication. Of course, we know that the Democrats in Congress in general and around in most states have fought having a legitimate photo ID, saying it's so grossly unfair. You can't do anything without a photo ID, except they want to be allowed to have people to vote without a proper identification. So it goes to reason, if there's a quid pro quo, it is we allow you to stay illegally and make sure you go down and vote. We've seen different people saying, leaders in the Democratic Party, saying make sure that you get down and vote. It isn't right. It isn't legal.


Gohmert's theory, like many of the congressman's ideas, is not backed up by the facts. Despite cries of "backdoor amnesty" from the right, the updated policy "does not grant a path to citizenship," meaning it also does not grant a path to voting eligibility.