NRA: The U.N. Is Coming For Your Guns, Send Us Your Money Today!

August 19, 2011 2:43 pm ET — Chris Brown

The National Rifle Association's (NRA) Wayne LaPierre is on the line and wants to tell you about how Hillary Clinton is working with North Korea and Iran to take away your guns. No black helicopters or FEMA death camps yet, but the NRA will surely let people know if that's on the horizon.

Must be time for another NRA membership drive.

Political Correction talked with David from Colorado, who was so surprised by what he was hearing on a call soliciting him to join the NRA he turned on a camera to record the call. Here's part of what he captured:

CALLER: Do you think it's okay for the U.N. to be on American soil attacking our gun rights?

DAVID: I mean, I really don't know that much about it, what are they trying to do?

CALLER: Hillary Clinton has teamed up with countries like North Korea, Iran and Cuba to draft this arms trade treaty that could have a drastic impact on civilian gun ownership. The U.N. wants us to believe this treaty is about automatic weapons and dirty bombs, but the fact is all hunting rifles, shotguns and pistols can be on the table.


CALLER: Normally five years of annual membership would cost a $175, but because this represents such a major threat to our gun rights and freedoms, today we discounted that all the way down to $125.


David told us that the call was real and the section he recorded was "representative of the entire call." He said he didn't blame the caller, who was clearly working from a script, but that the script had to be approved at a higher level. Saying he had researched the U.N. Small Arms Treaty independently, he called the NRA's sales pitch a "scare tactic" that "blatantly misconstrued" the facts.

On Monday, the NRA sent an e-mail titled "The coming gun ban," saying:

What you and I are facing is a United Nations that has set its sights on global disarmament. Their goal is to disarm citizens worldwide, including you and me.

These international gun banners want every gun to be under U.N. and government control. This includes your rifle, your shotgun and your pistol.

The U.N. Small Arms Treaty has been at the forefront gun lobby scare lore and anonymous chain e-mails since at least last year. It's true that the United States has agreed to participate in negotiating the Small Arms Treaty, but beyond that there isn't much to the gun lobby's version of the story. The treaty hasn't been written so there's no way to say definitely what it would do, but it would need 67 votes in the Senate to be ratified, making it especially unlikely that it would be used to push through controversial policies. No treaty can supersede the Constitution.

Oxfam America's Scott Stedjan gave a non-fictional account of what to expect from the Small Arms Treaty to the Washington Post:

No government is discussing a treaty that would ever impact the right to bear arms, nor require regulation of domestic sales of arms.


This is totally about international transfer of arms so that they don't go to human rights abusers.

Wayne LaPierre's upcoming book can give you the full fictional account of what to expect from the Small Arms Treaty. However, if you can't wait until November to get misinformed, you can also read LaPierre's 2006 The Global War on Your Guns: Inside the UN Plan To Destroy the Bill of Rights. Used copies are currently selling for 1¢ on — a lot cheaper than a five-year NRA membership.