Mitt Romney Signs On To NOM's Anti-Gay Pledge

August 04, 2011 4:16 pm ET — Kate Conway

Along with fellow presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney has signed on to a pledge opposing marriage equality that is sponsored by the anti-gay group National Organization for Marriage (NOM). The pledge contains the usual anti-gay policy positions as well as a promise to "advance legislation to return to the people of the District of Columbia their right to vote on marriage" — in other words, legislation that would force D.C. to put its 2009 legalization of gay marriage to a referendum.

From Politico:

Romney, Bachmann, and Santorum signed on to supporting a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage, to appoint federal judges who don't see a Constitutional right to same-sex marriage, and to back the Defense of Marriage Act.

They've also pledged to support offering a referendum on marriage in the District of Columbia, and to establish a "presidential commission on religious liberty" aimed at protecting the rights of marriage foes to speak out.

When gay marriage passed in the District in December 2009, a D.C. superior court judge as well as the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics rejected anti-gay activists' push to hold a referendum on the grounds that it "does not present a proper subject for referendum because it would authorize discrimination prohibited under the Human Rights Act."

As Equality Matters explains, throwing his hat in the ring with NOM looks pretty bad for Romney, who has until now avoided more extreme and overt anti-gay positions:

Romney, for example, has been hesitant to call being gay a "sin," but NOM's chairwoman Maggie Gallagher hasn't. Romney claims to be in favor of "preventing discrimination" against gay people, but NOM consistently works to allow adoption agencies and even anti-gay individuals to discriminate against LGBT people.

It's telling that Romney, who has stated that he won't let his "personal faith" interfere in how he governs the nation, is willing to openly support bigotry and align himself with one of the most vitriolic anti-gay groups in the nation.