Rep. Franks Responds To Balanced Budget Amendment Question With Allusions To Nazis

August 02, 2011 11:45 am ET — Alan Pyke

When Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) crashed a Republican colloquy last night to ask Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) some detailed questions about a constitutional balanced budget amendment, he probably didn't expect answers involving abortion rights and Nazi Germany. But that's precisely what he got.

Jackson asked Franks to address a major pitfall of the rewriting of the Constitution that Republicans favor: the likelihood of federal spending matters landing in the courts, resulting in a legal quagmire that could threaten the separation of powers. Franks took this as an invitation to rail against judicial activism in general, citing Roe v. Wade and the Holocaust as evidence of evil judges "trying to legislate from the bench." That left him with an awkward segue back to Jackson's concern, which he did nothing to allay.

FRANKS: You know, every time across the history of humanity, when the German high tribunal injected itself even into the tragedy of the German system, they said that the Jew was 'untermensch,' sub-human, and they took away their personhood, and the tragedy that followed is still one of the darkest stains on the human soul that I know of. And so yes, it is possible that the courts could try to intervene in this process and try to distort it.


It's sad, but bizarre Roe-flavored Holocaust allusions are sort of par for the Trent Franks course. In past public statements, Franks has called abortion "the greatest human holocaust in the history of mankind," said that Planned Parenthood "kills children for profit," and claimed that black Americans were better off under slavery than they are under Roe.