NRCC: Most Republican Voters Are "Radical Left-Wing Extremists"

July 28, 2011 9:55 am ET — Alan Pyke

The National Republican Congressional Committee is not in the habit of making sense, but today's blog post sets a new high-water mark for lazy arguments. The post accuses Democrats of supporting tax increases not because such policy makes sense with revenues historically low, but because of political cowardice:

The ensuing bright red sentences decry "radical left-wing extremists," "left-wing activists," and "constant catering to the left wing" by Democrats on tax increases in the name of deficit reduction. That's irritating when you consider more than a dozen polls showing clear majorities of Americans support higher taxes on the wealthy as one tool in the kit we use to tackle the debt. But it's downright funny when you realize that almost three quarters of Republicans support at least some tax increases.

That's what Gallup found earlier this month: just 26 percent of GOP voters, and only 20 percent overall, support congressional Republicans in their absolute refusal to raise taxes, even as part of a lopsided 5-to-1 cuts-to-taxes deal with the White House.