Rep. Franks Uses Fallen Soldiers To Argue For Republican Policy

July 19, 2011 10:45 am ET — Alan Pyke

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) made his name in Congress through bombastic rhetoric, even accusing President Obama of having "an ideological commitment" to "weaken America," but last night Franks hit a new low. Franks capped a lengthy attack on the president's economic policies by implying that American soldiers who have died for this country would support the Republican policy vision, saying that while he can't read their minds, "I would suggest to you that they didn't die so that we could spend our country into bankruptcy."

FRANKS: Let me just close with these thoughts, Madame Chair. You know, there are a lot of people that have sacrificed profoundly for this nation. There are people lying out in Arlington National Cemetery tonight, and I wonder what their perspective would be if they could come back among us for just a few moments. And while none of us knows that, Madame Speaker, I would suggest to you that they didn't die so that we could spend our country into bankruptcy, so that we could weaken our nation on all fronts simply because we weren't fiscally responsible. And they didn't die so that we could put ourselves so deeply in debt that we sent tens of thousands for each little child born today so that they would have to carry that the rest of their lives. They wanted, as the Founding Fathers talked about, to see every person, not only in America but ultimately in the world, to be able to be born and lay hold on the miracle of life and to be free and to pursue their dreams. That's what they wanted. And sometimes I am so afraid that we have gotten away from that vision to the extent that we have grown sort of callous and cynical. And I hope that we can revisit those ideals tomorrow, and that we can force ourselves to remember that all of history and all of the future is watching us, and that what we do here tomorrow could mean the difference for America for decades and generations to come.