Sen. DeMint Claims Democrats Want Debt Talks To Fail: "It's All About Creating A Crisis"

July 06, 2011 10:56 am ET — Kate Conway

As the deadline for raising the debt ceiling approaches, Republicans are digging in their heels on compromise, prompting some to speculate that their obstruction is an intentional effort to wreak havoc on the economy for political gain. This morning on MSNBC, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) tried to turn the tables back on Democrats, accusing them of "burn[ing] up the clock" on the negotiations "because they believe it's all about creating a crisis" that will force the GOP to accept a last-minute deal favoring the Democratic agenda:

DEMINT: I don't think we'll have any resolution. We've known this for six months and there has not been one debate on the Senate or House floor about how to fix it. I know how things work, and the president put Biden in charge of the task force just to burn up the clock because they believe it's all about creating a crisis and then we have to do something urgently and we won't do what needs to be done. The president said we need a balanced approach. What we need is to agree that the states should decide should we have a balanced budget.


If Democrats' objective were to create a crisis by preventing a deal from being struck, they would probably be unreasonable or inflexible in their demands. If they were trying to run down time before the hard August 2nd deadline, they might refuse to talk to the other side by walking out of the negotiations.

Instead, that's exactly what the GOP is doing. While some Republicans complain that there simply isn't time to consider Democrats' debt reduction perspectives, meanwhile the GOP negotiators have given up on the bipartisan talks by walking out on a compromise that favored them by a 5-to-1 ratio. It's hard to accuse the only person in the room of refusing to show up, but DeMint plows ahead with the wild-eyed allegations of intentional obstructionism that would really fit better turned inward.