Rep. Chaffetz Reaps Beck Praise For Beck-Inspired Sunstein Attacks

May 26, 2011 10:28 am ET — Matt Gertz

Yesterday, we pointed out that Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) was doing Glenn Beck's bidding in using the Fox News host's talking points to attack White House advisor Cass Sunstein during a House Overssight subcommittee hearing. Beck has identified Sunstein as the "most dangerous man in America."

Today, Beck confirmed that Chaffetz is his man in Congress, offering fulsome praise for the Utah representative's Sunstein questioning:

BECK: Jason Chaffetz took on Cass Sunstein yesterday in Congress. Jason Chaffetz is a representative from Utah and one of the original Refounders, and a guy who is, I mean, I think he just loves this country and he is willing to stand up to the bullies and Cass Sunstein.


During the next segment, Beck aired and commented on all three questions Chaffetz asked Sunstein that we highlighted yesterday as being ripped straight from Glenn Beck's transcripts. Beck has previously identified Chaffetz as one of the "good Republicans" that he "trust[s]," while Chaffetz has said that he "love[s]" Beck's show and thinks Beck is a "great educator."