Memo To Speaker Boehner: GOP "Research" Contradicts Oil Prices Attack

May 03, 2011 4:11 pm ET — Alan Pyke

Frustrated by high gas prices? Worried they'll stifle our economic recovery? The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives has a tweet for you:

That link takes you to the NRCC's blog (where Political Correction has caught researchers flagrantly misrepresenting their source articles before) and a post titled "DEMOCRATS CAN ONLY BLAME THEMSELVES FOR HIGH GAS PRICES," full of links to articles that directly contradict that headline.

The subhead asserts that "By Refusing to Expand Domestic Energy Development, Democrats Hold Responsibility for Consumers' Price Pinch and Lost Production." Political Correction has pointed out that gas prices bottomed out during the financial crisis, creating an artificially low floor and making an increase in pump prices an inevitable component of the recovery. Industry experts have explained that a wild expansion of drilling would do nothing to check pump prices.

But don't take our word for it. Click the NRCC's links! While the Republican researchers quote CBS News saying gas prices could harm the recovery, the full article declares that "Prices have been driven up by the global economic recovery, record speculation and unrest in the Middle East." The following bullet point quotes Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warning that high gas prices are dangerous for the recovery, but click through and you'll find he blames those high prices on "political upheaval in the Middle East."

Yet the NRCC and Speaker John Boehner — third in line for the presidency — are promoting these lies, apparently under the misguided belief that Americans are too lazy or dumb to catch them in the act.