Typo In Tax Day Press Release Calls Attention To Rep. Pence's Support For Cutting Taxes On The Rich

April 18, 2011 3:43 pm ET — Alan Pyke

With Tax Day bumped from the 15th this year, many conservatives saved their bombastic tax-related press releases for today. The one Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) originally published on his website this afternoon wasn't edited very carefully (the revised version is here), and included an accidental accusation that farmers and working families in his state just aren't trying hard enough to buckle down in tough economic times:

As millions of Hoosiers file their income taxes today, it is a painful reminder of how much of their hard-earned money goes to Washington. At a time when unemployment in Indiana is 8.8%, there isn't a working family, small business or family farm in Indiana making tough choices and practicing the kind of fiscal restraint that will see them through these tough times. 

Obviously Pence meant to throw a double negative in there and say there isn't a single family, business or farm that's not "making tough choices." But get past the chuckle-inducing typo, and you'll see the arch-conservative congressman at his most opportunistic. Pence's statement goes on to attack "the backwards structure of our tax code" and call for tax cuts for families to "take the pain out of Tax Day."

Pence can wave a populist banner on taxes when the calendar makes it convenient, but he apparently won't put his actual legislative power behind tax relief unless it benefits the wealthy. He fought tooth and nail against the Recovery Act, with its $288 billion in tax breaks for working families and small businesses, and then spent most of last year lying about the Democrats' plan for dealing with the failed Bush tax cuts. Now, in 2011, he's supporting the Republican budget plan that would slash taxes on the wealthiest Americans down to just 25 percent — a top rate not seen since Herbert Hoover was in the White House — while making a middle-class tax hike inevitable.