"RNC Women" Blog Exists Primarily To Attack First Woman To Serve As Speaker

April 14, 2011 11:23 am ET — Jamison Foser

The main page of the RNC's website currently features a headline reading "RNCWomen: Obama's Report Card" as a "trending" item in its "Hot Topics" section. Click on the link and you'll find an October 2010 blog post. That's quite a long 'trend'!

RNC Trending

The October 13, 2010, blog post assures the party faithful that "Women are ready for new solutions to the challenges we face, and they are ready for a Republican majority in Congress that will offer female voters more than lip service on the issues that matter."

The GOP must be pretty confident that it does, indeed, have the women's vote wrapped up: The RNC Women blog lies dormant, without a single post since early January. There were 14 posts in December and January, but those posts barely mentioned women. In fact, 13 of the 14 posts didn't use the word "women" (or "woman") at all — and the 14th only used it as part of the phrase "men and women." As for specific women, only one was mentioned: Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her name was invoked 20 times in those 14 posts — and all of those mentions of Pelosi were hostile.

That's right: Since the beginning of December, the only times the "RNC Women" blog has even mentioned a woman, it has been to attack her. But maybe that shouldn't be surprising: In fall 2009, the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee issued a press release blasting Pelosi and calling for General Stanley McChrystal to "put her in her place."