Rep. Broun: FDR Was A Communist And The Supreme Court Has "No Clue" About The Constitution

April 13, 2011 2:10 pm ET — Walid Zafar

Speaking on the House floor last night, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) spoke at length about the original intent behind the Constitution and alleged that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a communist sympathizer who did "everything he possibly could" to implement the policies of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. The comments came while Broun was attacking social welfare programs that he argued were outside the scope of the general welfare clause.

BROUN: Original intent was the general welfare, the general welfare of the nation, not welfare of individuals. We've developed this big welfare system in this country. It all started, in earnest, with President Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt just exploded the size and scope of the government with his New Deal. Both progressives. Both had socialist beliefs. In fact, Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent his advisors, his close friends, his cabinet people to go visit with Stalin in communist Russia to study what he was doing, what Stalin was doing there so that FDR could replicate it here in the United States. And he did everything he possibly could to do so.


Broun went on to explain that Democrats and Republicans alike were violating their oath of office by voting for programs that have not been delegated to Congress in the Constitution. "One of the greatest domestic powers that are anti-Constitution reside right in this House, right in this House. Because we are destroying our liberty," Broun explained.

Broun, who has previously stated that liberal judges are the enemies of America, also argued that Supreme Court was not the final arbiter of what is and what is not constitutional. "Most Supreme Court justices have no clue what the original intent is and don't care. They just don't care." The three branches of government and the states have something to say about constitutionality of a particular law, Broun said, but ultimately, "We the people are actually the final arbiter."