RNC's New Attack Site Disproves Its Own Claim

April 05, 2011 2:32 pm ET — Alan Pyke

The premise of the RNC's new attack website, HopeIsntHiring.com, is that President Obama has nothing more than positive rhetoric and good vibes to offer to those hardest hit by the recession. To support that assertion, the site relies mostly on talking points from 2009. There is one newer talking point, but the minds behind HopeIsntHiring.com managed to fumble it so badly that they actually rebut their own argument.

Where the site claims in red italics that "ObamaCare" "Destroys New Jobs," the RNC cites a February statement by CBO Director Doug Elmendorf. Apparently the RNC assumes you're too much of a rube to actually look at their research. Note the highlighted section of their bullet, where Elmendorf explains that the Affordable Care Act doesn't 'destroy jobs,' but instead allows hundreds of thousands of American workers to retire sooner because they'll have, well, affordable care:

We've made this point before:

The CBO says the Affordable Care Act will reduce the voluntary supply of labor. Because of the law, people will have to work less to afford their health care costs and some workers will be able to retire earlier. This is a good thing. As Jon Stewart put it, the law "is 'job-killing' in the sense that getting more sleep at night is 'awake-killing.'"

Republicans misinforming voters in a scorched-earth campaign to get President Obama out of office is nothing new. But now they've given up on covering their tracks.

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