Steelman Enlists Tax Delinquent Dick Morris To Attack Sen. McCaskill Over Taxes

March 28, 2011 10:19 am ET — Kate Conway

Sen. Claire McCaskill's (D-MO) main opponent in her 2012 reelection bid is gleefully capitalizing on McCaskill's failure to pay state taxes on her private airplane. Sarah Steelman (R), Missouri's former treasurer and a failed 2008 gubernatorial candidate, has redecorated her campaign website with an attack ad going after McCaskill's tax irregularities and declarations that McCaskill "has broken the public trust":

Sarah Steelman campaign site

Steelman is also gleefully riffing on the plane theme with the invites to her fundraiser, which Politico reports are topped by a boarding pass and ask attendees to "Send Claire Home On The Next Jet Out of D.C."

What's funny about all this is that the Steelman fundraiser is hosted by Dick Morris, himself far from a model of taxpayer perfection. As of 2008, Morris reportedly owed the state of Connecticut over $450,000 in back taxes and penalties and had a tax lien filed against him at one point. In fact, as of November 2007, he was Connecticut's sixth-biggest tax delinquent.

Morris doesn't deny his tax troubles, which he blamed on "a difficult period in my life," but he doesn't seem to have learned any sympathy for anyone else going through a similar such period. Morris has shamelessly attacked other people for their tax irregularities — and it's clear, now, that that wasn't a one-time thing.

What's more, it's also clear that Steelman doesn't actually believe that tax delinquency truly renders a person untrustworthy; she's merely taking advantage of a convenient scandal to further her own political aspirations for higher office.