Where Do Emails To Gov. Scott Go?

March 22, 2011 4:55 pm ET — Kate Conway

The St. Petersburg Times reports today that during a visit to the Department of Elder Affairs, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) encouraged people to send him suggestions — but not via email, because, he says, "It's easier if I never get e-mailed." From the Times:

"If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me, I don't have e-mail," Scott said. "It's easier if I never get e-mailed. I get embarrassed by it that way. It's not as easy to communicate," Scott said. "Have a great day."

Instead, concerned citizens can send Scott letters via the postal system.

This makes you wonder where, exactly, your message wooshes off to when you click the "Email the Governor" link on FLGov.com:

Email Rick Scott

Maybe Scott is worried about the embarrassment an email trail could cause him as he continues to make ill-informed decisions depriving his state's most vulnerable residents of vital resources, alienating black and gay Floridians, and derailing Florida's economic and infrastructure development. And after all, he's seen firsthand just how effective evasiveness can be: before his health care company pled guilty to the largest case of Medicare fraud in history, Scott pled the fifth 75 times in a deposition, and ended up getting off, well, Scott-free.