What Gingrich Would Have Done In Libya: "I Would Have Studied Eisenhower And Reagan"

March 18, 2011 4:20 pm ET — Julia Krieger

Today at the National Press Club, likely Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich stumbled when reporters pressed him on Libya. The former Speaker had a lot to say when he criticized Obama's early strategy in the region, saying it "makes us look weak and uncertain," but couldn't give one specific example of what he would have done differently. Instead, Gingrich told reporters to "take a look at Eisenhower and Reagan," insisting he would have "studied Eisenhower and Reagan and studied the things they did."

QUESTION:  What would have been the steps you would have taken early on?

GINGRICH: I would have studied Eisenhower and Reagan and studied the things they did. I mean there are lots of — there are lots of ways to not necessarily use American troops and have an enormous impact on a country the size of Libya.

STAFFER: We have to go.

QUESTION: Can you list one or two?

GINGRICH: Take — take a look at Eisenhower and Reagan.

Watch (transcript begins at 1:20):