Huckabee Doubles Down: Obama’s Worldview Molded By Society Filled With Madrassas

March 02, 2011 6:31 pm ET — Walid Zafar

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's suggestion that President Obama's Kenyan upbringing influenced his worldview was ignorant. When national media highlighted the comments, however, Huckabee refused to apologize and instead put out a statement attempting to clarify what he meant to say: the president's upbringing in Indonesia (a former Dutch colony) is what influenced his antagonistic foreign policy towards Britain. The whole controversy, Huckabee said, was a nonissue because he had simply misspoken. (There is absolutely no way that he could have misspoken.)

Speaking to American Family Association's Bryan Fischer earlier today, Huckabee brushed the story aside and blamed the media for misrepresenting his comments:

HUCKABEE: But what I've never done is taken the position that Barack Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia or anywhere other than Hawaii, where he claims to have been born. Frankly, Bryan, that's not a popular position with conservatives, but it's a position that I've consistently taken. And I just am very amazed at the firestorm this has caused...

The oft-ridiculed Fischer than asked Huckabee if he could comment on the "fundamental anti-Americanism of this president." Instead of refuting the very premise of Fischer's question, Huckabee explained that the president's worldview was molded by his experience in a country not filled with Rotary Clubs but rather with madrassas.

HUCKABEE: And I have said many times, publicly, that I do think he has a different worldview and I think it's in part molded out of a very different experience. Most of us grew up going to Boy Scout meetings, you know, our communities were filled with Rotary Clubs, not madrassas. And I just do think that there is uh...again I'm not saying he's not a citizen. I've never said that, I've said the opposite. I've never said he's a Muslim...

A few takeaways. First, Huckabee complained to Fischer that the media had misrepresented his words, but then he went on to restate them. Second, Huckabee rejects the idea that the president wasn't born in the United States, but can't muster any stronger reasoning than that's "where he claims to have been born." Third, Huckabee says that birtherism is popular within the conservative movement, and that his anti-birther stance actually angers conservatives; he seems to believe that he's some sort of maverick standing up to the inanity of his supporters. Lastly, he says the president isn't a Muslim but he explains that his worldview was the result of living in society filled with madrassas.

Huckabee is basically Bryan Fischer in a politician's body.

[h/t: Right Wing Watch]