Rep. Ellmers Can't Name A Single Republican-Proposed Health Care Solution

February 28, 2011 4:09 pm ET — Walid Zafar

In less than two months, freshman Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) has figured out that the most effective Republican lawmakers aren't the ones with the best ideas, but rather those who best utilize hackneyed talking points. In the health care reform debate, this approach means that Republicans need not offer meaningful alternatives to the Affordable Care Act. Rather, they need to spout off about letting the "free market" solve what problems there are. Of course, when it comes to helping the uninsured, saying that you stand for the free market is Washington-speak for proposing to do absolutely nothing to address the crisis.

Right Wing Watch highlights a Kaiser Health News interview in which Ellmers assures us that her party is chock-full of solutions. When she's pressed to give some examples, however, she's unable to say anything significant except that she is opposed to letting President Obama make your health care decisions for you:

Q. There has been some criticism that Republicans don't have a unified alternative. What is your strategy moving forward?

A. No. See, that is completely untrue. That is the rhetoric. We have plenty of solutions.

Q. Like what, specifically?

A. We have got to get the Obama plan out of the way. Again, we have already voted to repeal. We are working on the provision to get rid of the 1099 (reporting requirement for business purchases). There are plenty of other aspects of the health care bill that fall apart when one piece of the puzzle is taken out, so this is what we are doing. We are moving forward on this whether or not the Democrats and the Senate or the president are coming along.

I think we have made our message very clear. I think the American people hear that message. Overwhelmingly, the American people want this health care situation addressed. They want it addressed in the free market. The want it addressed where they can make their decisions for their own families and not have the president and the government make it for them.