Rep. Foxx: Arizona Shooter's Beliefs Are "The Liberal Of The Liberals"

January 11, 2011 5:56 pm ET — Alan Pyke

Rep. Virginia Foxx

For those paying close attention, it's quickly become clear that Jared Loughner's haphazard pile of incoherent beliefs doesn't amount to anything you'd call a "political philosophy," let alone a conservative or liberal one. But to some right-wingers, Loughner looks a little different. Count Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) among the latter group.

In an interview highlighted by TPM's Brian Beutler, Foxx said, "This guy appears to be a communist. His beliefs are the liberal of the liberals." (It may not fit Foxx's worldview, but right-wing hero Ayn Rand's We The Living was alongside Karl Marx on Loughner's reading list.)

Though she was eager to associate the alleged murderer with liberals, Foxx went on to exonerate members of Congress and their rhetoric:

"I don't think members of Congress incite that kind of rhetoric — I don't think the things we say incite that kind of behavior. And I don't know that the things other people say incite it. I just think we have deranged individuals in this country and occasionally they do bad things."

The Pontius Pilate routine is pretty rich coming from Foxx. As Political Correction has reported previously, Foxx called health care reform legislation a greater threat than any terrorist in the world, and claimed that senior citizens would be "put to death" under Democratic reforms.