Tancredo Plans To Start A Revolution, Will Tell Coloradans To Suck It Up

October 29, 2010 8:38 pm ET — Melinda Warner

While appearing on Glenn Beck's show, Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo revealed his plans for his first day in office.

TOM TANCREDO: ...The day after I'm elected I'm gonna pick up the phone and I'm gonna call a couple of people. One will be Chris Christie in New Jersey and the other one is gonna be Jan Brewer in Arizona. And I'm gonna say to them, listen, you guys, maybe individually we wouldn't be able to do what I'm suggesting, what I'm going to suggest. But together, and maybe there will be a couple of other governors out there that we can pull on the phone at the same time. And say, together, let's do this.

Let's the three, four, five of us as governors, let's start a 10th Amendment revolution in the country. Let's tell the federal government, you know what? Here is the line. You're not going to cross it. You're not going to take more land from the state of Colorado or any other state that's involved with this. You are not going to tell us how to live our lives. You're not going to dangle any more money out there. Or if you do, we're not going to take it because it costs way too damn much to take federal dollars. We can't afford it anymore. Not just in terms of the economic cost but what it takes away from us in terms of sovereignty.

So let's start a 10th Amendment revolution in this country. I'm willing to lead it buddy.


BECK: Now, you know and I know that will cause people pain in Colorado who will then say your policies are hurting people. How do you convince them, 'Yes, it is. But we have to fundamentally change?'

TANCREDO: Right.  It's the medicine we've got to take.  Because we can't kick this can down the road any longer. If you do, you are simply giving your children a sentence. Essentially, an economic death sentence. We cannot do this to the country. And I'm going to tell the people of the state of Colorado, here are the things we're going to have to do. Some of it you may not like, but it's got to be done and we gotta start now. No more whistling past the graveyard.

So the first thing Tancredo would do as Governor is contact governors of other states?  He wouldn't review the details of the state's public education system?  Or learn the ins and outs of the complicated water rights issue?  What about poking around down in Colorado Springs and seeing about getting those street lights turned back on or police cruisers back on patrol?

Nope — he wants to have a giggle with Christie and Brewer and start a "10th Amendment Revolution" that will undoubtedly take resources away from Coloradans.

Then he asserts that the decisions he plans to make will hurt Coloradans, and he'll tell them to suck it up and deal?  Responding with "it's the medicine we have to take" when Coloradans start losing their jobs and the economy gets worse is his answer?