Dean Scontras Flip-Flops On Social Security Privatization

October 27, 2010 11:32 am ET — Jamison Foser

Dean Scontras, during Tuesday night's Maine congressional debate:

"I don't want to privatize Social Security."

Dean Scontras, 2008:

"Social Security demonstrates everything that is wrong about our system of governance. [...] Critics of a privatized program suggest that personal savings accounts are too risky. Too risky? As risky as leaving alone a system which will run short of funds in 2042?"

Portland Press Herald, 1/28/08:

In the Republican race, Dean Scontras of Eliot is facing off against Charlie Summers of Scarborough.

On economic issues, both Scontras and Summers are adopting positions that seem likely to appeal to their party's conservative base.

Both favor making the Bush administration's tax cuts permanent, and both support allowing Americans to decide whether they want to set up private Social Security accounts.

The only thing Scontras hasn't changed during this campaign is his name. Of course, there's still a week left...