In Another Reversal, Scontras Takes Financial Support From Fellow Jobs-Killer Boehner

October 26, 2010 1:34 pm ET — Jamison Foser

Last month, House Republican Leader John Boehner unveiled a "jobs plan" that would actually kill "over 1 million jobs," according to an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute.

Today, Boehner's political action committee, the Freedom Project, finds a congressional candidate in line with Boehner's misguided economic thinking: Maine Republican Dean Scontras, who just reported a $5,000 contribution from the PAC. Boehner and Scontras couldn't be a better fit: Scontras' plans to cut social safety net programs like food stamps and Medicare would be economically devastating.

Scontras' acceptance of $5,000 from Boener's political action committee also represents yet another example of the Maine Republican abandoning his own previously-stated principles. During a recent appearance on Maine Public Radio, Scontras bragged that he doesn't take "national political money":

Scontras also painted himself as independent of national party influence, declaring that he has "been one of the only Republican candidates in the country to reject national political money," he said. "I don't want to sell my political soul."

Maybe Scontras thinks he's just renting his political soul to Boehner?