Would You Buy A Used Car From Dean Scontras?

October 26, 2010 11:32 am ET — Jamison Foser

In 2008, Maine Republican Dean Scontras ran for Congress as a principled opponent of abortion rights who would never "compromise" his values for "political expediency" and promised "eternal vigilance" against "homosexual rights." It didn't work; Scontras lost. And now he's back, telling Maine voters not to worry — he won't "bang the drum" about abortion because "it's the law of the land" and won't "spend one ounce of capital either defending or advocating for" the Defense of Marriage Act.  

That abrupt shift might seem surprising coming from someone who denounced "politicians who place politics before principle," saying, "Some people will do anything to win. Anything."  

But it may not be so surprising to people who saw Scontras describe running for Congress as a "sales job" during a 2008 Republican primary debate:

This job is a sales job. It's about selling the values and your convictions and making sure people understand them. [...] A majority of Americans are pro-family. A majority of Americans are pro-life. That's what Dean Scontras will do. I will go down there and fight for all those values.


In 2008, Maine voters didn't buy what Dean Scontras was selling. So he changed the packaging and is trying to convince voters he's selling something else.