Scontras Pledged "Eternal Vigilance" Against "Homosexual Rights"

October 21, 2010 9:41 am ET — Jamison Foser

Dean Scontras

Three years ago, Maine GOP congressional candidate Dean Scontras sat down with anti-gay activist Michael Heath, and impressed Heath with his commitment to fighting against basic rights for gays. Here's Heath:

We talked about sexual orientation theory.  Until recently I think he was unaware of the Employment Non Discrimination Act, popularly known as ENDA.  Having read the proposal before our meeting he promised eternal vigilance against the agenda of homosexual and transgender activists.  He said he will not support homosexual marriage, homosexual rights or hate crimes legislation.

Now, here's Scontras in Tuesday's debate, suggesting he doesn't really care at all about gay marriage:

"I will not spend one ounce of capital either defending or advocating for DOMA."

So what's changed? Could it be that in 2007, when he reportedly "promised eternal vigilance" against "homosexual rights," Scontras was trying to win the Republican primary by running to the right, and now he's trying to appear moderate in order to win a general election? Could the candidate who told Maine Republicans in 2008, ''I will not compromise ... I will not moderate. And I will not appease on my way to victory in November" be trying to do just that? And if he's successful, which Dean Scontras will Maine get?