Scontras' Company Encourages Clients To Use Government Programs He Opposes

October 20, 2010 4:41 pm ET — Jamison Foser

During yesterday's 1st Congressional District candidate's debate, Republican candidate Dean Scontras took a strange shot at his rival. Here's how the Portland Press Herald describes the attack:

Scontras got a chance to wag a figurative finger at Pingree when talk turned, inevitably, to her use of her fiance's private jet and his significant help in raising money for her campaign and the Maine Democratic Party.

"If you're so against hedge funds and Wall Street, you don't have to take the money," Scontras said. "If you want to vote against them, fine, but you don't have to take their money."

Think about that for a second: Scontras is suggesting that politicians should vote in favor of legislation that benefits the people who finance their campaigns. There's really no other way to interpret that. Scontras' formulation endorses a relationship between campaign contributions and official actions that most people who believe in clean government would find repugnant. 

But there's something else interesting about Scontras' attack. He says his opponent shouldn't take money from people she disagrees with. Meanwhile, Scontras says the government should stay out of the energy industry: 

SCONTRAS: "Every time we see the government get involved in the industry, although it's very well-intended, they seem to have a bad impact on the industry they're trying to help. So we've seen it happen in housing. We're going to see it happen in finance. I think we need to keep them out of energy and the idea that they can create jobs in infrastructure as well. If something can survive on its own merits in the free marketplace, it should do that." [CNBC, 10/12/10, via Nexis]

And here's RA Power Solutions, the company Scontras co-owns, urging clients to pursue government "incentive programs" to help pay for RA Power Solutions products:

So I guess Dean Scontras' position that people shouldn't take money if they oppose the source of the money doesn't apply to his own business. Good to know.