Tea Party Candidate Charles Lollar Attacks Rep. Hoyer For Imaginary Attacks

October 12, 2010 6:02 pm ET — Mike Burns

Charles Lollar, the Maryland GOP House candidate looking to unseat House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), appeared on Sean Hannity's radio program last week as the featured guest in a "Meet the Candidates" segment. During the interview, Lollar mocked Hoyer for "actually having to campaign" and accused him of "putting out negative ads against us, via polls and phone calls."

LOLLAR: He's actually having to campaign. He's putting out negative ads against us, via polls and phone calls. This is very, very fun. And on top of that, Sean, you'll love this: He's bringing the President into this district to speak on his behalf, tomorrow at noon, at Bowie State University. It's awesome to generate that kind of traction, and our constituents are loving it.

HANNITY: How are you doing financially? Because I know — you know, to counter that type of onslaught and the President coming in, it's obviously going to put a lot of money into his campaign war chest to run negative ads against you. I doubt Hoyer's — let me guess. Hoyer's not running on the stimulus, not running on cap and tax, not running on health care. Just a wild guess here.

LOLLAR: Exactly right, in fact. He's got over $5 million to do his damage with. And I told our team — I said, Listen. At the end of the day, the truth will win out. Integrity will make the difference. Let's stay on message. Let's not make this a personal vendetta because it's got nothing to do with personal politics; it's values and policies.

Lollar, however, offered no evidence whatsoever for his claim that Hoyer is resorting to negative campaign tactics — perhaps because he isn't. Instead of dealing with the facts, Lollar simply put forth a baseless claim knowing that it would go unchallenged by Hannity. And, unsurprisingly, he was right.  

Meanwhile, Lollar espouses many of the dishonest arguments that are characteristic of the ideal Tea Party candidate. Not only is he firmly against marriage equality — the institution of marriage predates the Magna Carta! — but he can't seem to get basic facts right on legislation, falsely claiming the Recovery Act "failed to create any new jobs" and health care reform will increase costs and reduce coverage.

And despite Lollar's insinuation that Hoyer is "actually having to campaign" because he's at risk of losing his seat, FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver gives Hoyer a 100 percent chance of winning in November.