Attack Ad Repeats Falsehood Ken Buck Called "Despicable" Nearly 1,200 Times

October 12, 2010 1:48 pm ET — Alan Pyke

According to Tea Party hero Ken Buck, the GOP candidate for Senate in Colorado, it's "despicable" for Republicans to claim the Affordable Care Act cuts $500 billion from Medicare. Buck said so in a debate with Sen. Michael Bennet (D) last week:

Buck charged that Bennet's television ads were dishonest, taking snippets of Buck's comments to portray him as wanting to privatize Social Security. Then he offered Bennet an olive branch of sorts, saying Bennet knew what it was like to be a target of distortions.

"Republicans did it to you during the health care debate when they said you wanted to cut $500 billion out of Medicare," Buck offered. "It was wrong of the Republicans then and it's wrong of you to do it now."

Bennet was pleased to hear it.

"I hope you'll call your friends who are pushing an ad accusing me of cutting $500 billion out of Medicare," he told Buck. "That $500 billion savings in Medicare is the very heart of the health care reform bill."

If Ken Buck thinks it was "despicable" for elected Republicans to lie about Medicare cuts, he must be truly outraged that American Crossroads has repeated that lie to Colorado voters nearly 1,200 times on television.

The ad Bennet is talking about has already appeared on Colorado TV screens 1,176 times since late September, according to advertising data reviewed by Political Correction. The billionaire-funded American Crossroads ad is called "Deciding Vote," and you can read our fact check of it HERE. At one point the announcer says health care reform causes "billions in Medicare cuts" while this image appears:


At least liars in Congress are accountable to voters. Karl Rove's brainchild will never have to answer for these ads unless Buck — who is uniquely positioned to demand a retraction from the group, since it's trying to help him win — holds them accountable for this "despicable" effort to misinform the public.

(h/t Wonk Room)