Anti-Immigrant Gubernatorial Candidate Sandoval May Have Employed Woman Illegally

October 12, 2010 11:21 am ET — Kate Conway

Nevada's Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval, who would be Nevada's first Latino governor if elected, finds himself in another awkward position regarding his stance on immigration. A woman who says she is the Sandoval family's former housekeeper came forward to claim that she was in the country illegally at the time the Sandovals employed her.

The woman, Anna Padilla, says she was spurred to speak with the media after she discovered Sandoval's stance on immigration — he supports harsh immigration laws like Arizona's SB 1070. Nevada's KLAS reports of Padilla:

She adds she was excited to learn about Sandoval's candidacy until she discovered his stance on immigration enforcement.

"If he (will) not support the illegals, why is he hiring me at that time," she said.

This isn't the first revelation of Sandoval's complicated relationship with race and immigration. According to a column in El Tiempo penned by the Univision Nevada news director:

It wasn't long ago that he said in an interview on Univision that he vehemently supported Arizona's anti-immigrant law. In reference to the same law, he was asked how he would feel if he his children were stopped in the street and asked for their papers. He answered, with a note of pride in his voice, "my children don't look Hispanic."