Fact Checking The Sunday Shows - October 3, 2010

October 04, 2010 11:14 am ET — Media Matters Action Network

This week, Fox News Sunday hosted an informal debate between Kentucky's Senate nominees, Rand Paul (R) and Jack Conway (D). Paul has mostly avoided the national media, and this debate suggests part of the reason why: in less than a half-hour, Paul was flagrantly dishonest at least a half-dozen times.

Paul is a virtuoso with half-truths and he misled Fox News viewers on everything from economics to recent history to government policy. In reality, the Recovery Act succeeded at preventing a depression and worked far more efficiently than Paul claimed. The recession wasn't caused by Fannie and Freddie; the debt picture is bleak because of Bush-era policies that dwarf Obama spending in deficit terms; and Democrats want to extend the Bush tax cuts for 97% of the country (not pass "the largest tax increase in our history").

For a finale, Paul argued that Kentucky gets a raw deal in its financial relationship with Washington. But Kentucky actually gets a dollar-fifty back for each dollar they send to D.C.

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