VIDEO: Republicans Ignore Polling, Pretend Americans Support Tax Cuts For The Rich

September 15, 2010 4:49 pm ET — Alan Pyke

When Republicans don't like a policy proposal, they always insist that they are speaking for a majority of Americans.  In debates over contentious issues like health care reform, they get away with it because the polling needles bounce around so much that all sides can point to one poll or another and claim popular support.

But with the current debate over the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy, the GOP is out of luck.  Poll after poll after poll shows a clear majority of Americans want the giveaways to the wealthy to end this year, as scheduled.  But that hasn't stopped Republicans, who seem to think that if they repeat the same lie enough times it'll become true.  Conservatives peddle a variety of fictions about the impact of President Obama's tax plan, but none is more insidious than the notion that Americans agree with them — they do not.

If Republicans succeed in bullying Congress into extending tax relief to the wealthiest Americans, they will be shoving an unpopular policy down the throats of the American people.  Maybe this will help them realize that:

Some of the evidence supporting the Democratic tax plan:

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