Koch Companies Have Received Almost $100 Million In Government Contracts

August 20, 2010 12:13 pm ET — Media Matters Action Network

David and Charles Koch, owners of the oil conglomerate Koch Industries, are among the most influential players in the conservative movement.  The brothers have spent millions of dollars funding right-wing organizations, such as Americans for Prosperity and the Cato Institute, that rail against the government.  Nonetheless, according to recent data, Koch-affiliated companies have received nearly $100 million in government contracts since 2000.

Koch Industries

Koch Industries Has Received Nearly $500,000 In Government Contracts.

Year Government Contracts
2000 $213,425
2001 $198,000
2002 $35,000
2003 $50,260
Total $496,685


Georgia Pacific Manufactures Paper Products, Building Materials, And Chemicals.  According to its website, "Georgia-Pacific is one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of tissue, packaging, paper, pulp, and building products and related chemicals. The company employs more than 45,000 people at approximately 300 locations in North America, South America and Europe." [GP.com, accessed 6/6/10]

  • Koch Industries Acquired Georgia-Pacific in 2005.  According to the Georgia-Pacific website, "In a $21 billion transaction, Georgia-Pacific was acquired by Koch Industries and became a privately held, wholly owned subsidiary, continuing to operate from its Atlanta headquarters." [GP.com, accessed 6/6/10]

 Since 2006, Georgia Pacific Has Received Over $95 Million In Government Contracts. 

Year Government Contracts
2006 $72,455,851
2007 $5,147,254
2008 $13,469,655
2009 3Q $4,487,184
Total $95,559,944

Koch Membrane Systems

Koch Membrane Systems Is A Koch Industries Subsidiary.  According the Koch Industry website, one of the Koch Chemical Technology Group subsidiaries is Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. that "develops and manufactures membrane separation systems for a variety of applications worldwide, including membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. The company also provides submerged membranes used in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment." [KochInd.com, accessed 6/6/10]

Koch Membranes Used In Food, Industrial, And Water Service.  According to its website, Koch Membrane Systems produces a variety of "state-of-the-art membranes" that are used in the application of "Food and Life Sciences," "Water & Wastewater-Industrial," "Industrial Processes," and "Water & Wastewater-Municipal" services.  [KochMembrane.com, accessed 6/7/10]

Koch Membrane Systems Has Received Over $640,000 In Government Contracts.

Year Government Contracts
2001 $49,680
2003 $508,875
2004 $-2,840 *
2006 $41,840
2007 $18,660
2008 $28,314
Total $644,529

* Negative numbers represent deallocations