Uni-TEA Rally Neither Diverse Nor Well Attended

August 02, 2010 5:23 pm ET — Melinda Warner

Due to the many racist signs and racist language coming from prominent leaders, the Tea Party has been scrambling to prove that it isn't actually racist.  The movement's leaders have been trying to highlight their non-white supporters, have been promoting non-white candidates, and over the weekend held a Uni-TEA rally to bring together Tea Partiers of all makes and models. 

As others have reported, the Uni-TEA rally wasn't very diverse.  Or well attended.  In fact, the audience was so sparse and white that my friend was uncomfortably identified:

After exiting the stage, Breitbart took careful pains to speak (and be photographed) with a young male wearing a "Proud Gay Conservative" sign, and grabbed the microphone to tell the crowd not to be afraid to come out, that gay conservatives are a dying breed. He then spent several long minutes grasping the hand of an elderly African American male, listening and talking to him extensively. When he turned back to the crowd, he immediately spotted me amongst the almost completely white crowd, pointed to me excitedly, and yelled, "An Asian!"

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