GOP Misrepresents CNN Poll That Shows Americans Are More Concerned With Job Creation Than Deficit Reduction

July 27, 2010 11:19 am ET — Melinda Warner

In an unsurprising decision to latch onto one bit of poll info that helps Republicans, Rep. John Boehner and the GOP Conference Tweeted a misleading stat about a new economic poll:

Yes, the poll indicates that 42% approve of the Obama approach to the economy while 57% disapprove.  It even indicates that Americans feel the current economic conditions are poor.

But the poll also indicates that President Obama should stimulate the economy (57%) or create jobs (74%) even if it means "less deficit reduction." 

Which is exactly the purpose of the Recovery Act, as well as the just-signed unemployment insurance extension.

So while Americans may generally disapprove of the administration's approach to the economy, they favor the tactics the Democrats have chosen to start digging us out of this hole.  And since the Democrats' strategy for the economy has resulted in job gains, we're clearly on the right track.