RNC Still Hasn't Been Reimbursed For Sex Club Trip

July 09, 2010 9:08 am ET — Melinda Warner

In yet another example of how not to run a national political party, the Daily Caller is reporting that the RNC still hasn't been reimbursed for the $1,946 Young Eagles trip to a California sex-themed club.

According to FEC reports, the California political operative who initially incurred the nightclub expense on behalf of the RNC, Erik Brown, did not send money to the RNC. Neither did an RNC employee, Allison Meyers, who took young donors to the club, which features topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex acts.

And what about those responsible for the trip in the first place?

According to a June 20 FEC filing, the RNC in May paid money to every person who resigned or was fired after the Voyeur expense was revealed.

For instance, the RNC in May paid $40,967 to Ken McKay, Steele's former chief of staff who resigned April 5 in the wake of the scandal. The money, which is listed as "housing reimbursements," comes in addition to $62,949 in "payroll" McKay received in April.

Robert Bickhart, the RNC's finance director who was fired May 7, received two paychecks that month totaling $16,875 and was reimbursed for $3,165 in expenses. Bickhart received a paycheck May 28 and was reimbursed for expenses as late as May 20.

A consultant group, On Message, Inc., that said it would no longer be working with the RNC on April 5 was paid $76,200 for a "survey" in May. Additionally, the company was reimbursed for $2,133 in expenses.

Allison Meyers, who decided to take young Republican donors to Voyeur in the first place, was paid $395 in May.

All this on top of reports that the RNC has been hiding debt from the FEC and recent calls for Chairman Steele to step aside.