Angle Threatens Lawsuit Over Accurate Presentation Of Her Positions

July 06, 2010 3:09 pm ET — Matt Finkelstein

Sharron Angle

Last week, U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R-NV) rolled out a sleek new website for her general election campaign.  As the Huffington Post's Sam Stein reported, "It was done with obvious care, and tailor-made to pitch the Tea Party favorite as a mellow-minded conservative alternative to her Democratic opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid." The makeover was not just cosmetic; the revamped site also shows "dramatic, fundamental shifts in her policy platform."  

Hoping to remind voters of the radical positions that endeared Angle to the far right, the Reid campaign recreated the old website and posted it online.  But Angle struck back quickly, threatening to sue Reid for accurately presenting her past statements.  The cease-and-desist letter from Angle's lawyer reads in part: 

As you can see, the site is a mirror image of my client's campaign website before it was redesigned within the past week.  The design and information appearing on your client's site are copyrighted by my client and its vendor(s) who created the original campaign website for the Angle campaign.  [...]

Please consider this a notice to your client to immediately cease and desist the misappropriation of my client's name, image, and multiple copyrighted materials.  [...]

Absent Sen. Reid's voluntary cooperation, my client will have no choice but to pursue all legal remedies. 

While Reid's campaign complied to avoid a frivolous lawsuit, Angle cannot hide from her own record.  She remains a candidate who has advocated "transition[ing] out" Social Security (see below); called for abolishing the Department of Education; floated "Second Amendment remedies" to the country's problems; and opposed abortion for rape victims because "God has a plan." For Angle, no matter what she says now, those are problems that websites and lawyers can't solve. 

ThinkProgress has more on Angle's effort to "soften" her positions.