NSFW: Anonymous Playboy Author Lifts The Veil On The Tea Party

June 18, 2010 9:37 am ET — Melinda Warner

In an anonymous column published by Playboy (NSFW), a K Street consultant shines light on the world of the top Tea Partiers — a place where lobbyists and congressmen conspire to surreptitiously manipulate the media and right-wing enthusiasts alike in order to ensure their own return to power.

From Playboy

The article essentially lays out the "black arts" plot that political consultants, the Tea Party, and Republicans are using to "quietly help a dozen grassroots conservative candidates win in the fall, using traditional and nontraditional means."  As the author writes, "If you don't hear from us directly, we will have done our job." 

The plot to seize the momentum of the Tea Party extends to Republican members of Congress who, according to this anonymous account, are in on the game:

Various Republican congressional leaders met for hours with our leadership and our finance team in the Richard Nixon suite at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington. Never in my career had I had a congressman look me in the eyes behind closed doors and say with such sincerity, "Give me a list of what you need me to do." The second meeting drew 10 congressmen. There we sat, inside the Capitol Hill Club (which shares the building that houses the Republican National Committee), sharing ideas on how we can work together. The third meeting drew 17 congressmen.

Even better, the author freely admits he (she?) is a master puppeteer when it comes to politics:

In my years as a campaign hack and then as a consultant, I've created more than my share of fake grassroots organizations. Some were downright evil but effective beyond expectations. Did you get an automated call from the sister of a 9/11 victim asking you to reelect President Bush in 2004? That was me.

And his talents have trickled down — here is the admission that they are manipulating the media and distorting the overall narrative of the Tea Party protests and rallies. This author writes:

We make a sport out of confusing the press. I had fake business cards printed to give to reporters. I watched a reporter walk out of a Conservative Political Action Conference reception in mid-February with a fistful of my faux business cards.... Causing mayhem is not limited to dealing with the press. We've quietly acquired Service Employees International Union shirts to wear at Tea Party rallies. For big labor, that's like handing out TSA uniforms in Kabul. And at a rally in St. Louis this March, fake SEIU protesters joined the Tea Party protest.

This type of top-down exploitation is exactly what Tea Partiers "in the states" (DC's term for Americans who live outside the Beltway Bubble) hate about the current state of American politics.  Conservative elitists — there is no other name for K Street consultants who are "helping run this organization from the St. Regis Bar" — are part of the very problem so many Tea Partiers are fighting against. (The St. Regis, by the way, is a beautiful and expensive hotel on K St...not the sort of place "Main Street" Americans or true Tea Partiers would frequent.)

Based on my prior experience with them, locally active Tea Partiers will be devastated to find out that their newly discovered passion for politics and recommitment to the American way is being driven, reworked, and violated by a small group of DC insiders whose only goals are to get people into power who will bring them the biggest paycheck.