House Republican Leaders Call The Oil Spill A "Natural Disaster"

June 17, 2010 5:29 pm ET — Media Matters Action Network

This afternoon, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA), and GOP Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-IN) released a joint statement condemning Rep. Joe Barton's (R-TX) apology to BP.  In the statement, however, the Republican leaders wrongly referred to the Gulf oil spill as a "natural disaster":

"The oil spill in the Gulf is this nation's largest natural disaster and stopping the leak and cleaning up the region is our top priority.  Congressman Barton's statements this morning were wrong.  BP itself has acknowledged that responsibility for the economic damages lies with them and has offered an initial pledge of $20 billion dollars for that purpose."

Matt Kibbe, chairman of the conservative front group FreedomWorks, recently made a similar comment regarding the spill.  Of course, there's nothing "natural" about what is happening in the Gulf.  The blowout resulted from BP's negligence, exposing the dangerous practices of Big Oil.