Rep. Foxx And Constituents Blast Immigrants During Tele-Townhall

June 09, 2010 12:20 pm ET — Matt Finkelstein

Yesterday, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) hosted a tele-townhall meeting as part of the House GOP's "America Speaking Out" project to solicit ideas for the party's agenda. "The best ideas come from the people, not from Washington," Foxx wrote on her website. "Therefore, constructing a governing agenda should begin with the people."

The Statesville Record & Landmark reports that immigration was the top issue discussed on the call.  But instead of producing substantive ideas, it quickly deteriorated into a forum for immigrant bashing.  One caller described immigration as an "invasion." Another suggested targeting illegal immigrants with a "drag net" to "round them all up." Foxx responded that the caller's views are "very much in the majority."  

"My problem is with immigration," said a caller named Dana. "Except I wouldn't even call it immigration, I'd call it an invasion."

Dana went on to say that the present situation qualifies as such because people are coming here from other countries and simply taking advantage of U.S. social programs and taking jobs from Americans.

"I agree with you," Foxx said.


A caller named Lessie said she is troubled by "seeing all these illegals streaming into the country" from "Mexico" and "Afghanistan." She wondered "how many of them are terrorists."

Lessie said a solution would be to use a "drag net and round them all up."

Foxx told Lessie the sentiments she expressed are "very much in the majority."

Like other recent GOP gimmicks, "America Speaking Out" has been a major flop.  While party leaders say they will not adopt ideas that don't meet their "principles," the initiative seems to be doing more to promote hate than solve the country's problems.