Steele: Why Are We Redacting Email Addresses Of White House Staffers?

June 04, 2010 1:37 pm ET — Matt Finkelstein

Today on Fox News, RNC Chairman Michael Steele accused the White House of concealing the source of an email to Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff, who applied for a position in the administration, about potential job opportunities. 

"If there's no big deal here, why did you redact the address on the email that you put out that would indicate where it came from?" Steele asked.  "Did it come from the White House or did it come from a political shop inside the DNC?  These things raise more questions, and the White House is not effectively answering the questions that are being asked."


Steele, as usual, doesn't have his facts straight.  The email released by Romanoff (pictured below) clearly shows that it was sent by Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina, though his actual email address is redacted for reasons that should be obvious.  The White House also identified Messina in an official statement yesterday.