Rep. Akin's Cold War Fantasies

April 15, 2010 5:58 pm ET — Media Matters Action Network

Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) is a history junky.  He knows, or pretends to know, a lot about all kinds of things that happened a long time ago.  For example, before lawmakers went home for the Thanksgiving holiday break last November, Akin went to the House floor to deliver a homily on the history of Thanksgiving - at least the way he learned it.  The gist of his talk was about how the Pilgrims hated socialism.  During the health care debate, he warned that the right to health care is un-American because the Soviet Union believed that people had that right.

And now, it seems we know why he talks that way.  In a press release today, Akin, the consummate historian, writes:

The decision by the Obama administration to gut NASA's manned flight program does more than jeopardize the long term goals of solar system exploration, the cancellation of the space shuttles replacement will effectively leave the United States reliant upon the Soviet Union to grant us access to low earth orbit.  As a member of the Armed Services Committee I am very concerned with that possibility, and as an American I am disappointed by the prospect.

Akin presumably hasn't heard that the Soviet Union was dismantled - in 1991.  Or, more likely, some staffer hastily put together a response without checking it twice.  But if his floor speech from last night is any indication, it seems that Akin is still having apocalyptic Cold War fantasies and still believes that the Soviet bear lives.