Palin Stresses Danger Of Foreign Oil & Attacks Policies Designed To Reduce Dependence On It

April 09, 2010 4:19 pm ET — Chris Harris

During her speech to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, half-term Governor Sarah Palin repeated her usual lies about climate change and America's energy policy.  She claimed clean energy legislation would kill jobs and harm the economy, but as Media Matters Action Network has noted, that's just not true.  Palin mocked Al Gore and climate scientists while claiming those who acknowledge global warming were being duped by "snake oil science." Nowhere in her speech, though, did she admit that she used to recognize the danger of global climate change.

One of the many contradictions in her speech involves fuel efficiency standards and foreign oil.  In the same speech, just minutes apart, she stressed the need to decrease America's dependence on foreign oil and attacked the White House for instituting a policy that would decrease America's demand for foreign oil.

Sarah Palin at 2:02 pm ET:

Because relying on foreign regimes to meet our energy needs makes us less secure and makes us more beholden to these countries and it costs us hundreds of billions of dollars, hundreds of billions of your U.S. dollars circulating in these foreign countries every year.

Surprisingly, Sarah Palin seems to grasp the danger of relying on foreign oil to fuel America's appetite for energy.  Yet rather than embrace policies that would curb our addiction, she criticized the Obama administration for proactively seeking solutions that would cut American demand from Middle Eastern oil.

Sarah Palin at 2:00 pm ET: 

The EPA then put us on a path toward sweeping federal regulation of greenhouse gases on our farms, in our factories, in our small businesses, in our vehicles. In short, they paved the way for a policy that will destroy jobs.

You'll notice that Palin avoided mentioning what the EPA actually did to "put us on a path" and "pave the way" for regulation. Well, last week, the White House announced increased fuel efficiency standards that would reduce tailpipe emissions by 21% and help American drivers save $65 billion in fuel costs.  The new policy will cut oil consumption by 1.3 million barrels a day by 2020, significantly reducing our demand for foreign oil -- a very positive first step.

By now it's clear that Sarah Palin is attempting to position herself as the right's energy warrior, which seems to be going well for her.  But if she desires to be taken seriously by anyone outside the Tea Party fringe, she needs to stop lying about nonexistent energy taxes, stop pandering on global warming, and stop attacking President Obama for policies consistent with her stated goals.