Conservatives Compare Sen. Scott Brown To Judas And Benedict Arnold

February 23, 2010 4:15 pm ET — Walid Zafar

During his campaign, Sen. Scott Brown told voters that he was a "Scott Brown Republican," meaning that the legislative course he would follow would be based on his own understanding of conservatism and not on the increasingly reactionary Tea Party's understanding of it.  While his victory was certainly a blow to President Obama's agenda, it was obvious early on that Brown was destined to disappoint right-wing voters.  Brown is, after all, a Republican from Massachusetts, which is kind of like being a Democrat from Alabama.  Purity and orthodoxy are not expected.  

Yesterday, Brown voted for cloture on the jobs bill and then took to Facebook to explain his vote: "I came to Washington to be an independent voice, to put politics aside, and to do everything in my power to help create jobs for Massachusetts families. This Senate jobs bill is not perfect. I wish the tax cuts were deeper and broader, but I am voting for it because it contains measures that will help put people back work. ... I hope for improvements in that process going forward."

Suffice it to say, many of his followers were not amused by the vote and look to Facebook to demonstrate their displeasure.  Scott Brown, who just a little more than a month ago was their revolutionary savior, is now a RINO - a Republican In Name Only.  In criticizing Brown for not toeing the obstructionist line, many of the out-of-state conservatives who poured time and money into Brown's campaign seem to forget or are having a difficult time understanding that Brown is a Senator from Massachusetts and not from Tea Party Nation.

Here is a sampling of the vitriol directed towards Brown on Facebook:

Tristan H. the only reason your sorry ass got in was to vote NO on spending. we see that you are not capable of following the simplest instructions so you will be pulled just as fast as you were put in

Robert L. yeah sure, you came as a maverick, but your an obama man, liar, after today i lost all respect for you, so enjoy your 15 min of fame with the muslim

Heather C. I'm so confused now, Scott! Now I know what you meant by voting independent. You are letting the liberals be dependent on you caving in. Just when I was beginning to think there was someone I could count on in the government. Makes me really not want to vote anymore!

Elaine K. Well, that didn't take long for Scott to sell out to the Washington elite. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT -- AND TO THINK I SENT HIM MONEY.


Sandra L. You are just smoke and mirrors like the rest of the DEMS... Be ready Scott... You too, will be taken out like the rest of the trash!!

I am saying bye bye as well.... Go join your other Dems for now!!

Harold B. What do you expect? He is just another Northeastern liberal RINO from Mass.

Maria L. btw...CAN YOU SAY ONE TERM???

Robert J. If it's not perfect then don't vote Scott!!! Not one person that voted for you wants this! McCain endorsement really? Now I know why. You are a "Progressive Republican"

Ted N. Thank you Sen Browm for clearly showing the American people in less than a month, that you are a straight up RINO !! Why don't you reconsider your supposed opposition to yobama's health care plan -- you probably have a great future ahead of you in the dem party.

John H. If your senators don't represent the majority opinion, then vote them out. It's that simple.

Cathy L. Seriously... I had hoped you were different but you are just one of them... Can you say you are just part of the disease... Huge disappointment!

Jayson W. You voted for it because you are a coward. RINO. Just another politician. So disappointing.

Andre D. Anything that Harry Reid likes automatically makes me wary. He is one of the most despicable politicians and American I have ever seen. If this bill equates to more government spending and therefore more government debt, than you clearly are not the person you say you are. Buh Bye turncoat!

Manuel D. I guess we were all looking for sushi in our platter! But instead got got "PORK BROWN RICE"" ScumbaGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Stacy A. You sir, are a sell out. You sir, are no FISCAL CONSERVATIVE. To quote a true Conservative, Joe Wilson, "You LIE!". Now I shall remove myself from your fan page, as you do not deserve support. I regret having supported you, although you're probably better than Coakley, I suppose? Remains to be seen.

Larry J. You screwed up by voting for a porky, expensive, and useless "jobs bill". How much did you get from Harry Reid for your soul?

Debbie C. Mr. Brown, you don't seem to realize that you were elected from across this nation as a representative of conservatism. A voice to stop these ridiculous spending bills from Washington. Your's was not a local election but a rising up of conservative ideals from every state in this nation. We urged your local constituents in every way possible to elect you as our voice. To speak for us. You have shown your true colors with this vote. You will either return to your senses and values soon or have a very short political career.

Matt G. "I'm a Scott Brown Republican"... I wish I would have realized that means, "I'm a RINO". Congrats on hoodwinking Massachusetts as well as Obama did during his presidential run. LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! WE DON'T WANT EXCESSIVE GOV'T SPENDING. WE DON'T WANT SOCIALISM.

Jodi L. I'm really upset and so are many others. You have let us down. It sure didn't take long to expose yourself as a fraud. So what did you get for your vote? Well, I was afraid you were a RINO. You have proved me correct. I am very disappointed. You should be voting NO if you really were the real deal. It is a sad sad day.