Rep. Foxx: "We Will Lose Our Country" If We Don't "Take This Country Back From The Leftists"

February 09, 2010 1:17 pm ET — Walid Zafar

Over the weekend, Rep. Virginia Foxx appeared at the annual Reagan Day Dinner in Statesville, North Carolina.  Foxx, known mainly for her conspiratorial and firebrand rhetoric, took the opportunity to bash her political opponents and as she does often, sow the seeds of fear.  According to Stateville Record & Landmark, Foxx paraphrased Ronald Reagan's observation that freedom was never more than a generation away from extinction.  But to Foxx, the threat is more pronounced that Reagan had predicted.  If Democrats in Congress were not defeated, she said, the extinction of freedom would come in the next four years.

She also said she was opposed to a decision House Republicans made to meet with Obama two weeks ago. But, she added, the meeting "(got) the message out that we do have solutions. And our solutions are better than their solutions."

But to get those solutions passed, the GOP will have to wrest back control of the Congress. To that end, Foxx said, the party is hoping to have "competitive" races in at least 100 House seats that are now occupied by Republicans.

Foxx said the consequence of not winning back the Congress -- and eventually the White House -- are dire.

After reading a quote by Reagan that read, in part, that "Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction," Foxx said the time frame is even shorter than that.

"We're talking about four years," Foxx said. "If we don't take this country back from the leftists who are running it now, we will lose our country."

Foxx's comments come as no surprise to those who follow her antics. In November for example, she remarked on the House floor that the health care reform legislation in the House was a greater threat than "any terrorist now in any country."