Dick Armey Says A Revamped "Contract With America" Won't Work In 2010

February 02, 2010 3:52 pm ET — Chris Harris

Yesterday, Paul Bedard at U.S. News reported that House Republicans are planning to launch a "Commitment to America" in order to give "voters a reason to vote for Republicans, not just against Democrats."

While the project's leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, claimed the new plan was not a "warmed-over" version of the GOP's "Contract with America," the similarities are impossible to deny. 

Whether or not the pledges contained therein are the same, the GOP's new "commitment" surely has its roots in the old "contract." And that may be a problem for Republicans.

Former Majority Leader Dick Armey, the self-proclaimed "main author" of the "Contract with America," recently said a similar effort wouldn't succeed in 2010.

According to CBN, while speaking at the Republican National Committee's winter meeting in Hawaii, Armey said:

The contract with America worked well because we had the credibility. People believed it. And we had an easy job by the way in 1994. All we had to do was say to America is give us a shot at it. Give us a chance. We're not them. Nobody was alive in this country that could remember ever having been disappointed in a Republican majority. Now these guys have got to go back and say give us a shot at it, we're not them and by the way we're not who we were when we broke your heart.