Rep. Foxx: "We Should Not Be Funding Education"

January 20, 2010 11:53 am ET — Chris Harris

As the U.S. struggles to regain its economic footing, the federal government owes it to the people to do all it can for the American workforce.  One of the most important things government can do is adequately prepare its people to succeed in an increasingly global economy.

Government investment in education reduces poverty, crime, and unemployment.  Increased incomes lead to higher tax revenue to pay for public services and decrease the need for public welfare programs. Perfecting America's education system would be a virtual panacea for many of our domestic woes.

Yet, according to North Carolina Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx (a former public university professor), the government "should not be funding education."

Rep. Virginia Foxx:

And no where in the Constitution do we read the words, "the government shall provide for health care." No where.  Uh, in fact, the words "health care" are no where in the Constitution. In fact, the Constitution says that, in the Preamble, that the United States, that the people are to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare. Well, the main goal, the main job of the federal government is to provide for the common defense.  Unfortunately, we've gotten far, far away from that notion.  Some of the things that have been done, most of the things that have been done by the federal government that are unconstitutional in my opinion, have been done for good reasons, they're not malevolent reasons.  But they're wrong.  We should not be funding education, for example. And some of us who are here tonight have talked about that in the past.  And we certainly, I don't think, should be mandating that individuals in this country purchase health insurance on penalty of being put in prison.  It is ridiculous.

It should be noted that Rep. Foxx's bark is worse than her bite.  When Republicans were in the majority, she voted to fund the Department of Education, which according to her colleague Rep. Paul Broun, makes her a domestic enemy of the Constitution.  Uh oh.